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Watch Britney's adorable new video for “Ooh La La" (from the Smurfs 2) that costars her two adorable sons. There are two great things about this video: a) Britney’s legs and b) this confirms that her sons are future pop stars of America.

Title: Love Will Remember Artist: Selena Gomez (feat. Justin Bieber) 1,049 plays

At this point, I don’t even care whether or not the actual song is good (which it probably isn’t). The 15 second intro, a lovey-dovey audio rip of Justin Bieber confessing his love to Selena on her voicemail machine, is sickening and made me queezy. Now excuse me, I must go find my barf bag.

Title: Part II (On the Run) [feat. Beyoncé] Artist: Jay-Z 544,051 plays

A lot has changed since "Bonnie and Clyde”,the 2003 track between Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Before then they were barely dating, now they are married with a baby of their own. In this year’s sequel, “Part II (On the Run)”,the down-tempo track (and most soulful track on the album) contains the lovey duo exchanging romances. How could one fall in love with such a bad boy? Beyoncé asks as she pours her heart out to Jay, and its quite convincing. The two make an A team to say the least. Bravo.

Title: Somewhereinamerica Artist: Jay-Z 659 plays

There isn’t a grander way to spend your independence day than listening to Jay’s semi-sarcastic love for America. "Somwhereinamerica" is a cultural commentary that humorously references Miley Cyrus and twerking. What better symbolizes the United States of America than Miley and twerking? Happy 4th of July, folks.

 Somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’. Twerk, Twerk, Twerk, Twerk, Miley Miley Twerk!”

Title: Tom Ford Artist: Jay-Z 6,609 plays

That. Beat. Is. Everything.

Notice the beautiful vocals of Beyoncé blessing us at the end. 

"I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford."

Fresh off Jay-Z's brand new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, comes the first single "Holy Grail" featuring Justin Timberlake that Jay-Z explains as being about “the trappings of fame”. This song is huge. A beautiful hook by Justin with a sharp and steady flow by HOV himself. Jay spits a few bars about his life with daughter Blue Ivy and the struggle of hiding her from the media. Jay name drops numerous cultural figures, such as Kurt Cobain and even borrows a line from Nirvanna’s iconic 1991 song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The beat on "Holy Grail" is heavy and flows from Jay’s fire bars and trap beats to Justin’s suave vocals with a soulful back sound. Justin’s hook is probably his best vocal hook in his entire career.  The two collaborators even each other out like fire and ice, thus creating a massive rap/hip-hop/r&b cross-over smash. “Holy Grail was made to destroy the charts, and it’s just warming up.

"One day you’re screaming you love me loud, the next day you’re so cold. One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you care, you’re so unfair. Sippin’ on your cup till your run is over; Holy Grail.

via SoundCloud / djbedz

Tunnel Vision (Explicit) - Justin Timberlake ›

Watch the explicit, already-removed from youtube music video “Tunnel Visions” by Justin Timberlake. The soft-core pornographic music video is the perfect blend of artistic nude images and dancing from JT (and production collaborator Timbaland). Hopefully the youtube ban doesn’t stop the public from seeing such an excellent music video. 

Jay-Z announces the release date (July 4th!) of his upcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, in a promo trailer full of crisp song clips and cameos by Pharrell, Timbaland, and Swizz Beatz. I don’t think America is ready for what Jay’s about to drop. 

Title: I Am A God (feat. God) Artist: Kanye West 1,213 plays

The best track off Yeezus, and also the most controversial, is by far "I Am a God” which features God himself, naturally *rolls eyes*. The sinister beat is sonically unlike anything out there; the sound is full of twisted synths, tribal chants, distorted vocals, and screams from Kanye himself. Yet the combination of off-the-wall elements has order, and it comes together in a very detailed and precise formation. 

"I just talked to Jesus, he said ‘What up Yeezus?’ I said ‘Shit I’m just chillin, tryin to stack these millions.’ I know He the most high, but I am a close tie."

The track is the emancipation of Kanye West. It is every thing he’s wanted to say about himself that he never could. Kanye tells us he’s a god, he’s the next best thing since Michael Jackson, that he still loves Jesus. And although the satanic beat sounds like it could have been taken straight from hell, the emancipation of Kanye is heavenly to the ear. 

Be sure to purchase your copy of Yeezus in stores June 18, 2013.

Title: Black Skinhead Artist: Kanye West 1,049 plays

"Pardon I’m getting my scream on." Kanye warns us.

We’ve seen the SNL performance, we’ve seen the downtown projections, and we’ve seen the festival performances. But atlas, the studio version of “Black Skinhead” by the man has surfaced. 

The scream-heavy track is full of successful commentary on society as well as a dash of Kanye’s usual bragging. But it’s that heavy-hitting gothic beat that turns the track from another good Kanye track into something bigger, something more epic. 

Be sure to purchase your copy of Yeezus in stores June 18, 2013.