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Title: New Slaves (feat. Frank Ocean) Artist: Kanye West 62,757 plays

Kanye's masterpiece that isNew Slaves”featuring Frank Ocean has made its way onto the internet minutes ago, and it is better than ever could have been expected. Listen to Kanye spit his heart out about racism, discrimination, and slave labor in modern America; I have never heard Kanye so passionate about a topic on a track before. The intellectual song is full of snarky lyrics and a brilliant use of literary devices. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that Kanye was a college professor on Race in America. The profound lyrics speak for themselves.

"You see it’s broke nigga racism. That’s that ‘Don’t touch anything in the store.’ And this rich nigga racism. That’s that ‘Come in, please buy more. What you want, a Bentley? Fur coat? A diamond chain? All you blacks want all the same things’ You see it’s leaders and it’s followers. But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower"

Be sure to purchase your copy of Yeezus in stores June 18, 2013.

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